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The Cause

 Donate a StreetSak

A "StreetSak" (pictured below) is a rucksack filled with essential clothing items including a beanie, gloves, socks, and underwear.

For every two items of S+C streetwear purchased, one StreetSak is donated to Coffee4Craig homeless charity in Manchester and handed out to someone living on the streets of the city.

How does it work?

The simplest way to donate a StreetSak is to purchase any two items of S+C streetwear. If you buy one item, you'll be donating "half" a StreetSak, and your purchase will roll into another customer's order to make up a full StreetSak donation.

You'll see the correct number of StreetSaks added to your cart when you choose your streetwear. There's also a live counter at the bottom of our website which displays the total amount of StreetSaks donated so far.

And if you prefer to simply donate a StreetSak without buying any streetwear, you can do just that by clicking here

What's the goal?

Of course, handing out a StreetSak does not solve the problem of homelessness.

But they are regarded as essential donations and genuinely help with Coffee4Craig's constant battle of providing a degree of warmth and comfort to people living on the streets.

Our goal is to expand the StreetSak donation concept further than Manchester by partnering with homeless charities across the country (we've started in Manchester as that's where our team originates.)

And we don't intend to only donate StreetSaks. This is just the first step in our mission to improve the lives of people living homeless through sales of our clothing.

With your help, we can do so much more 🚀